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Non gender referencing,. literate.


No thought of any other unto another.


No thought,. to piT others by

system design, and hijacking.


sKiT over!

Your PRETEND sKiT.. is YOUR personal matter.

Please refrain from imposing on YOUR,. children, on.. OUR CHILDREN


Back Road Ride - Seated at your desktop or laptop of course!
Welcome to the,.

NON Religious " belief culture free " society of friendly folk

trying to be,. friendly!
This QUAKER Society is in NO WAY
intertwined nor affiliated with any governments NON profit intertwined abbreviated shuffling
nor any of the CONglomerates perversions and ill example most (for REWARDS)
demonstrate in our government public and education daily.

LiFe,. is the GiFT!

Subservient of no other .